Virtual Patients

Contract work for Warwick Medical School on a high profile Virtual Patient development project “eViP (Electronic Virtual Patients)” funded by the European Commission.

We produced and disseminated a number of re-purposed electronic Virtual Patients in different languages and shared them with the wider European community. An important part of this particular role was the day-to-day engagement with technical leads at the partnering institutions and sharing of best technical practice between the consortiums. Furthermore part of the role included re-designing and maintaining the Virtual Patient website  Our duties involved:

Create and maintain interactive Virtual Patients for the computer simulation of real-life clinical scenarios for the purpose of medical training, education, or assessment.

Assist in the Virtual Patient authoring tool and player based upon the IVIMEDS tools developed using Adobe Flex and Flash, Java Script and MySQL technologies.

Provide multimedia content development expertise and assisted project team with the localisation and enrichment of partners’ virtual patients using Adobe Flash and related other technologies.

Contribute to the web design, database design and administration of Warwick’s virtual patients.